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My Definition: A Creative Technologist is the Trifecta of technological curiosity, strategic thinking and the ability to visually package an idea.

I am conceptual & strategic towards digital, yet with executional chops.

My focus is creating impactful digital & physical experiences;
and combined with my love of building things & DIY:
I am "Crafting an Experience".

Digital Ideation

Intrigued with creating interactive & memorable relationships with brands through delightful technological engagement.

Strategic Thinking

I crave finding those insightful nuggets & turning them into a gut-wrenching emotional direction to steer concepts & executions.

Visual Design

Pretty packaging is enticing. Smart, useful & appealing design is the clincher. I’ll “make it work” with laser cut, silk screen prints, Adobe etc.

Rapid Prototyping

Clever ideas need to be played with & tested. My inner DIY self craves to build, via 3D printing, Axure, Arduino, Muse or even carpentry.

User Experience

For me, everything revolves around human centered design & building to simplify & enhance every product, idea or engagement.

Social Media

Forever my first digital love.

Finding natural ways for brands to engage with consumers and put sparks in their eyes is irresistible.



Hi! I’m Christine. Creative Nomad, DIY-er & Romantic Adventurist.

1st 1000 on Pinterest, Frequent Beta-Tester


Romance Novels and Monster Truck Rallys.

Sparkles and Sawdust are equally fantastic.

Cheerleader and Wrestling Manager.

Harry Potter and Nintendo 64.

Yoga and Boxing.


To define “Creative Nomad”, I have been a: Carpenter, Fashion Consultant,

Interior Designer, Model, Hair & Makeup Stylist, Wedding Planner, Cake

Decorator, Event Planner, Costume Designer, Photographer…I can’t sit still.


Ask me why I think I have "Happy Accident Luck"
or a soft spot for Scotland.


  • Address: Willing to travel anywhere.
  • Phone: 757.236.0823
  • Email: cloobird@gmail.com